Internal Assessment Appeals Procedure

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Internal Assessment Appeals Policy

This is a mandatory procedure as instructed by the JCQ - updated March 2014

Saint John Fisher Catholic College

Policy on Internal Assessment Procedures for External Qualifications

In accordance with examination regulations, St John Fisher Catholic College is committed to ensuring that:

  • internal assessments are conducted by staff who have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills;
  • assessment evidence provided by candidates has been produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the specification;
  • the consistency of the internal assessment is secured through internal standardisation as necessary;
  • Staff responsible for internal standardisation attend any compulsory training sessions.
  • Candidates need to be aware that coursework marks are subject to external moderation and are subject to change. In addition to this, grade boundaries are often changed, therefore teaching staff may only estimate the grade expected based on current information.
Occasionally a candidate does not agree with the coursework marks awarded by a teacher. If the disagreement cannot be resolved by discussion between the teacher and candidate concerned, then the candidate may appeal to the Examinations Officer, who will put into action the agreed appeals process. This will be the final stage in the normal process of considering and resolving disputes. It is expected that it will be used only on exceptional circumstances.

Please refer to the document entitled ‘Internal Assessment Procedure – Appeals’ for specific details as to how appeals will be managed.

Enquiries About Results

In cases of Enquiries About Results, where the school does not uphold a request for such an enquiry, the student may normally pay to have an enquiry carried out. Where the student wishes to challenge the decision not to hold an enquiry or consequent appeal, a similar procedure to that mentioned above will be carried out.

Note: Each awarding body specifies detailed criteria for the internal assessment of work. The criteria can be found at the back of each subject specification, it is also discussed at standardisation meetings, and teachers sign a declaration when sending coursework to confirm these criteria have been met . In addition, the awarding body must moderate the assessment and the final judgement on marks awarded is that of the awarding body. Appeals against matters outside the School’s control will not be considered in the School’s appeals procedure.

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