English is taught by a dedicated team of eight experienced professionals. We work hard to provide lessons that engage, inspire and challenge so that pupils of all abilities enjoy English and fulfil their potential. We aim to enthuse pupils through introduction to non-fiction and fiction of all genres and to encourage a critical understanding of how contexts affect texts and how the authors’ craft shapes their writing.


At Key Stage 3 students follow the aims of the National Curriculum. The skills students will learn are based upon the new National Curriculum where the focus is on developing the key concepts of:

• Competence
• Creativity
• Cultural understanding
• Critical understanding

Within these key concepts, students will develop the following skills:

• Speaking and listening
• Reading for meaning
• Understanding the author’s craft
• Writing – composition
• Writing – technical accuracy
• Language structure and variation


At KS4 the majority of pupils will study Language and Literature at GCSE level. Some will study for a single English qualification. Currently we follow the AQA specifications for Language and Literature. These specifications favour a skills based approach, which is ideal for those who want to explore a range of literary and language topics. It enables students to investigate and analyse language and use language creatively.

Cohorts entering in summer 2015 and 2016 will complete four controlled assessments for English Language and one examination paper with a 40% and 60% split as well as one Literature controlled assessment and two Literature papers with a 25%-75% split. Those following the single English course complete five controlled assessment and one examination with a 40%-60% split.

Significant changes are due to be implemented to GCSE English and Literature for the cohort who will take examinations in summer 2017. We will continue to follow the AQA specification for both subjects. Both will be assessed at the end of Year 11 with 100% terminal examination. In English Language the papers will assess students’ ability to respond to unseen texts from 19th century to the present day and they will also write to describe, argue and persuade. Technical accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar will be worth 20%. English Literature will also be assessed through 100% terminal examination at the end of Year 11. Students will be required to study Shakespeare, 19th century literature and contemporary literature.


Currently we offer English Language Specification B and English Literature Specification A with AQA. A Level English Literature (A) comprises four units of study. Students are encouraged to develop the ability to read widely and critically. They will examine texts of different genres and periods and gain understanding of a wide range of views on literature. The course requires students to be informed, independent readers and critics of texts. At AS Level students study World War I literature and at A2 the literature of Love Through the Ages.

A Level Language (B) is a four-unit specification where students use, understand and analyse spoken and written language for particular audiences and contexts. Students also develop their ability to express themselves in speech and writing, producing texts for different audiences, purposes and in different genres. At AS students study the language of power, gender and technology while at A2 students study child language acquisition and language change.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We believe that enrichment activities are essential to ensure that students are motivated to achieve their potential in English. We organise theatre trips so that pupils can experience texts in performance and appreciate stage craft. Storytelling and poetry workshops are provided by visiting performers to inspire KS3 classes in their own writing and as part of our KS2 links. A Level lecture days are attended by both Language and Literature students where university professors and AQA examiners give lectures on the A Level courses being followed. A Trinity Newsletter and Blog is also produced by a group of Year 12 and 13 students, with Miss Parsons, in Enrichment time.

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